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Autistic Art

Social responsibility, contemporary art, charity … are all important issues we want to stand by. With our new collection we would like to raise awareness for people who are on the autism spectrum. The Autistic Art Foundation has been helping support the autistic housing facilities in Hungary since 2006.

In 2021, we were approached with the idea of a collaboration to see if we would like to display the drawings of their autistic artists on our bags. We were happy to say yes. We have been working in summer camps for children with disabilities, where we had the opportunity to learn more about autism. We want to show that people with autism, who are often invisible to society but need support, can create high-quality, lovable products that you can proudly wear.

People at the foundation are working for a goal that we are happy to join. Residential homes face serious financial problems on a daily basis and, without support, are unlikely to be able to provide space for young people with autism for long. Residential homes can be occupied by people over the age of 16, where they can live their daily lives under the supervision of appropriate professionals. 40% of them do not speak at all and often live with other disabilities, but can stay safe in these homes for the rest of their lives.

From the drawings provided to us, we chose one of Nóri Kalocsai’s works as the basis for the patterns appearing on the bags.

Nóra Kalocsai

Nóri Kalocsai is a resident of the Miskolc Autistic Foundation and has been participating in the Autistic Art program since 2014. Nóri is a fan of gastronomy, she likes to draw her favorite dishes, for example “Green peas pottage with fried eggs”, which we were chosen as a pattern.

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10% of your purchase will go to Autistic Art Foundation.

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