Autistic Art – Shopper

This big shopper bag is very useful. Oversized tote that is perfect for the gym, the beach, weekends away and your weekly shop. Actually they are pretty handy for… everything!

The pattern is based on the work of autistic artist, Nóra Kalocsai.

Buying this bag supports the work of the Autistic Art Foundation.
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Materials: imrpregnated cotton canvas (300g/m2), leather

► Dimensions:
• Width: 47 cm / 18,5″
• Height: 42 cm / 16,5″

• Depth: 7 cm / 2,7″

• Inside pockets: 17×13 cm / 6,6×5″ and 11×13 cm / 4,3×13″
• Straps: 68 cm / 26,7″

Care: Wash of the dirt with a damp cloth or a light brush. Avoid the leather parts.


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Autistic Art

The Autistic Art Foundation – previously known as the Mosoly Otthon Foundation – has been helping support the autistic housing facilities in Hungary since 2006.

They developed their art program with a contemporary artistic approach, specifically for people living with autism. The art sessions shed light on the world of people living with autism that is otherwise hard to reach, and give them new opportunities in our world.

In 2021, we were approached with the idea of a collaboration to see if we would like to display the drawings of their autistic artists on our bags. We were happy to say yes.

From the drawings provided to us, we chose one of Nóri Kalocsai’s works as the basis for the patterns appearing on the bags.
The playfulness of the almost cell-like interlocking flowers immediately captivated us.

Nóra Kalocsai

Nóri draws almost everyone she met with her loved felt-tip pens. Her strange human figures are born through careful observation: by drawing details of clothes, freckles, hair clips, she experiences and strengthens his personal relationships with the people around her, which are very important to her.

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Thank you for shopping and supporting Autistic Art Foundation!